I feel so lucky to have found Jeannette – she’s an absolute cleaning marvel! It’s hard to find a cleaning professional who you can really trust to clean your house exactly the way you want it done, right? Well, look no further - Jeannette is thorough, reliable, and reasonable.  When she’s finished, our house absolutely gleams!

Sara Lewis


Jeannette has been cleaning our home for many years now.  She has become good friends with my wife and I and our whole family.  She's friendly and kind and does a wonderful job.  She's always willing to help with projects. We like that she takes charge and does her thing. And she loves our dogs. 



Jeannette was referred to me after an illness during a time of recovery and regaining strength.  It was wonderful to have her help and support then and I've never let go.  Not only does she do a good job of routine cleaning, but we collaborate well on occasional projects we do together.  It's great to have the experienced and very professional help as well as a friend to share these common cores in life.

Judy in Goffstown

Jeannette and I have known each other for many years.  She is a woman of dignity and integrity. 

She is a god-send!  Thanks Jeannette.

Focus Automotive

Jeannette is a lovely lady who has been cleaning my home for five years.  She has never missed a scheduled day!  She is thorough and always does a great job!  I highly recommend Jeannette!


Kerri Roos