Thanks for stopping by my home on the web. You've found a cleaning service dedicated to making you happy. Let's face it, you deserve a home or office that is neat and clean, but honestly,  

Who Has Time For That!

That's where I come in. Hi, I'm Jeannette Morse and I own Fabuclean. Here is what sets me apart.

  • I am not a large, impersonal company. When you hire Fabuclean, you get ME. 

  • You always know and can trust the person coming into your home or office because it's ME.

  • I am fully insured so you can trust ME. 

  • I make sure that your experience with Fabuclean is easy and delivers everything you asked for (and a little more) 

I've been in business for 22 years...and

loving it

Cozy Living Room

What My Clients Say...

Jeannette was referred to me after an illness during a time of recovery and regaining strength.  It was wonderful to have her help and support then and I've never let go.  Not only does she do a good job of routine cleaning, but we collaborate well on occasional projects we do together.  It's great to have the experienced and very professional help as well as a friend to share these common cores in life.

Judy in Goffstown